So, what's this place?

In this cursed blog I will write about all the ideas I have and that I'll probably never use.
I hope some of them I will.

There may be random tables, adventure seeds, characters or even session logs (they will be rare, though) among other things.

They will vary between different systems and genres, like Traveller for science fiction or Lamentations of the Flame Princess for weird fantasy, RISUS for any genre, or they may be system agnostic.
These are my to-go systems right now, anyway.
At any rate, I'll try to do them the less system dependent I can so that everyone can use them!

Updates will be whenever I feel, and most than anything else whenever I'll have time.

The blog languages will be both English and Italian, with the first as the main one.
I'll try to translate every post in both languages, but I do not assure nor search an accurate translation nor I promise a translation at all.
If there's one, there will be a link at the end of every post to the translation like in this one.
If there's none, use the language translator.

And please, be patient about the grammar, it's not my main language but I'll try to keep it as correct as possible!

In the meanwhile,

Keep Gaming!

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