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Traveller - Interesting Misjumps Table

[You can now download the printable pdf version of this tables HERE]

Here you have a nice table for throwing your Traveller players' bad luck to a higher level.
Just start with rolling a d6 on the first table and follow the descriptions.
Use at your own risk! (or the party's...)

Are you ready to jump?

Table 1 - Interesting Misjumps (1d6)
1 The ship remains in jumpspace for 3d6 days more than usual
2 Wrong place at the wrong time: roll on Table 2
3 "Define "interesting"": roll 2d6 twice on Table 5
4 Psionic manifestations aboard the ship: roll on Table 7
5 Nothing bad happened... or so it seems: roll on Table 6
6 Combo! Roll again and combine the results.
If this result is rolled again, you are very, very unlucky...

Table 2 - Wrong place in the wrong time (1d6)
The ship exists jumpspace...
1 1d6 x 1d6 parsecs in a random direction
2 In the heat of a space battle! Roll on Table 4 to see involved ships (optional)
3 2d6 days before the day it jumped. Back in time!
4 In an immediate collision route with... (roll on Table 3)
5 Inside a big enough... (roll on Table 3)
6 At the immediate moment after it jumped, but with a major universe change: roll on Table 6

Table 3 - Big Spacey Things
"That's no moon..."
1 Wreck or remnant: roll again to know the kind.
If this entry is rolled again, it is truly an odd wreck!
2 Spaceship: roll on Table 4
3 Space station or colony
4 Big chunk o' rock
5 Ancient artifact
6 Space whale

Table 4 - Ship Type (1d6)
Roll for "Friend or Foe" if appropriate: (1-2 friendly 3-4 neutral 5-6 hostile)
1 Warship
2 Pirate ship
3 Prison ship
4 Generation ship
5 Colony ship
6 Freighter
5 Scout or Survey ship
6 Mining ship
5 Passenger ship
6 Science and Research ship
5 Yacht, Safari or other civilian ship
6 Alien ship (unknown type or purpose)

"Last time I heard about them, they were going to Jump at -8..."

Table 5 - "Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?" (2d6 twice)
The ship integrity is compromised: roll 2d6 twice to count the damage
2 Single Hit
3 Two Single Hits
4 Double Hit
5 Three Single Hits
6 Two Single Hits, Double Hit
7 Two Double Hits
8 Triple Hit
9 Triple Hit, Single Hit
10 Triple Hit, Double Hit
11 Triple Hit, Double Hit, Single Hit
12 Two Triple Hits

Table 6 - Major Universe Change (1d12)
Changes that affect ships, technology or people do not affect the ship that jumped and the characters aboard it.
1 Star systems are moving in the opposite direction (but not the ship when exiting jumpspace)
2 Distances in space are different (1-3 distance is doubled 4-6 distance is halved)
3 Gravity manipulation is not possible
4 Jump technology is capped at Jump 2
5 Star systems positions are switched between each other
6 Psionic powers do not exist
7 Everyone has psionic powers
8 Energy weapons have not been invented
9 There's no human race
10 There are no alien races
11 Nothing changes, but the characters are convinced it did. Just point constantly out that the characters find things strange, or out of place, or they seem different from what they used to be... but never tell them what it is. Because nothing has, actually, changed.
12 Jump torpedoes are widely used

Table 7 - Psionic Manifestations (1d10)
All manifestations last 3d6 days and will happen both in normalspace and in jumpspace.
1 People will start hearing voices and screams aboard the ship.
2 The ship doors will start to behave strangely: they will open or close at random, will be locked without help but to wait until they unlock, will be unable to be operated both manually and digitally etc. Just hope the hull doors stay shut...
3 Sensors will detect things outside the ship. However, nothing's outside there...
4 Sensors or alarms will detect things aboard the ship that should not be there. Nothing will be found when the place will be searched.
5 Things will disappear and reappear at random aboard the ship: every time you need an item roll 1d6: 1-2 the item is where it's supposed to be; 3-4: the item is somewhere else on the ship; 5-6 the item cannot be found for 1d6 hours.
6 You can see figures outside the windows both in normalspace and in jumpspace. Creatures, people, ships, planets, landscapes... sensors, however, will detect nothing.
7 A violent death happened on the ship long ago. You can see and hear it happen again as an echo in front of your eyes.
8 A random person will start hearing the starship's breath, her heart rhythmic pulsations, her guts shifting and moving, her muscles stretching and relaxing, her lamentations as her hull is stressed while flying through the atmosphere, her cries of pain as micro-particles and debris hit her when travelling in space.
9 A random person aboard the ship will be haunted from voices of people of his past asking for the help he never gave them, accusing him of his betrayal, remembering him of his dark deeds he strongly regrets.
10 Random people aboard the ship will have visions or vivid dreams of themselves having consensual sexual intercourses with another passenger or crewman, and will remember them as if being real. In the visions the partner will always be the same person, the one found more sexually attractive. This doesn't mean this partner will have the same vision, or any vision at all. Failing an Intelligence check (Difficult, +2) means the affected people will believe these intercourses really happened.

Did I really have sex with you last night?

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