mercoledì 29 gennaio 2020

Annotated Temple of the Moon Priests + Printer-Friendly Version

Temple of the Moon Priests is a great one-page dungeon, but it lacks monster stats and few other things, and while this is not a criticism (I love system-agnostic stuff) I just needed some basic crunch.
So, when prepping to run a one-shot of the Temple with my friends I wrote some notes, rumors, random encounters and stats for the creatures inhabiting it and its surroundings.
You have it here both in text version and in a print-and-play pdf.
I also did a printer-friendly version of the dungeon itself, as the original is heavy on black ink.

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Print-and-play Annotated TotMP PDF

Click on the preview to download the pdf!

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TotMP Annotations

Names on the statue Crescent Blade: Faramar, Obsidar, Artemur, Caditur, Remur, Kalitar

Rumors (1d10)
  1. My dad swears that when little Joseph disappeared near the river where the statue stands, he heard an old woman singing in rhymes!
  2. The owls in the temple are not to be trusted: first they sing to your ears, and then they take your eyes!
  3. The sacred fire can heal from ancient curses, but the ill must jump into it to be blessed!
  4. The Shard is cursed! Leave it be! Leave it be!
  5. "Moonlight reveal secret truths", this is what the ancient dogma says.
  6. The Priests were not good people. They were animals I say, and by moonlight they took their form too!
  7. The Priests' library hides many secrets, and one of them is that of the Shard!
  8. There is more than one entrance to the Temple along the river, but one of them is trapped!
  9. The spirits of the Moon Priests are still roaming the halls of the Temple.
  10. The water near the temple is deep, cold and deadly. Do not dare swim in it, or you will find certain death!
Random Encounters (1d8)
  1. 3d4 Moon Priest Skeletons.
  2. A Snowy Owl carefully watching the party.
  3. 1d6 Spectres of the Moon Priests.
  4. An Undead Lycanthrope, once clearly a member of The Knucklebones.
  5. *A rambling vagrant woman, her mind shattered by the rhymes of the Moon Hag.
  6. *2 Knucklebones fighting over some valueless loot.
  7. *A small kid who got lost in the woods and entered the Temple fleeing from “an old ghastly lady singing by the river".
  8. *A scared-to-hell Knucklebone, who will handsomely pay whoever will accompany him safely back to town (or so he says).
*Encounters 5-8 happen only once.

Creatures and Characters stats

Stats are for Knave by Ben Milton, but can be easily adapted for any other OSR and old school D&D-like game.

Moon Hag: AC 11/17 Moon Skin, HD 6, HP 24, MV 90', 1 Claws 1d6, Drown, ML 10, AL Chaotic
  • Drown (special attack): if a character is maddened by the Eerie Rhymes or if the Hag rolls 6 points of damage with her Claws, she will drown the victim in the water (Save to get free or suffer 1d6 damage/round)
  • Moon Skin: the Moon Hag is mostly visible in direct moonlight as the skin becomes perlescent, therefore easier to hit (AC 11); in the shadows she is nearly invisible (AC 17).
  • Eerie Rhymes: her chant and rhymes drive man mad! Save or follow the voice and be submitted to her will!

The Knucklebones
  • Common member: AC 12 Gambeson, LVL 1, HP 4, MV 90', 1d8 Axe or 1d6 Bow, ML 8, AL Neutral
    • Has 1 random adventuring gear piece.
  • Sick Wizard: AC 11 Unarmored, LVL 1, HP 3, MV 90', 1d6 Dagger and Staff, ML 6, AL Chaotic
    • Spell Books: Spectacle (#79) and Increase Gravity (#42).
    • Too sick to be willing to fight the party, only wants rest.
    • If in the position to successfully betray them for the Shard, he will.
  • Werestag Leader: AC 16, HD 5, HP 20, MV 180', 1d10 Horns, ML 9, AL Neutral

Spectre of the Moon Priest (1d6): AC 18 Ethereal, HD 1, HP 4, MV 120', 1d4 Draining Touch, ML 12, AL Chaotic
  • Draining Touch: a target that dies by the touch of the Spectre will raise as an Undead Lycanthrope in one combat round.

Undead Lycanthrope (1d4): AC 12, HD 2, HP 8, MV 40', 1d8 Natural Weapon, ML 12, AL Chaotic
  • Always attacks last in a round.

Moon Priest Skeleton (3d4): AC 13, HD 1, HP 4, MV 60', 1d6 Claws or Crescent Blade (2 quality), ML 12, Al Chaotic
  • Wears the robes of the Moon Priests, has a Crescent Medallion (50cp).

Werespider: AC 14, HD 3, HP 12, MV 90', 1d6 Bite (Save or additional 1d8 Poison), ML 8, AL Neutral
  • Will "attack" anyone who tries to drink from the fountain in order to prevent the same fate befalling them.
  • Lycanthropy: if target is harmed by 50% of their max HP, they becomes a lycanthrope of the same type in 2d6 days.

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Printer-friendly Temple of the Moon Priests

Click on the preview to download the pdf!

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2020

The Pool cheat-sheet

UPDATE: I published the Cheat Sheet on my page. Go grab it there!

Tomorrow evening I'm going to run The Pool (a very nice little game by James V. West), hence I made a cheatsheet to (1) learn the rules and to (2) have everything in a single page, which is always nice.

If you don't know The Pool, at least by name, you've probably been living under a rock, as it has been labelled as a revolutionary game by one of the storygames gurus, Ron Edwards, among others.
This simply means that I'm late to the party, but better late than never!

Click on the picture to download the pdf:

If you also want to join the party and play this little gem, here are some links:
  • Get The Pool for free HERE
  • Italian translations, hacks and actual plays can be found HERE
  • The Pool has been developed in a full-fledged Arthurian-inspired game called The Questing Beast, also for free HERE
Have fun!