UVG Tools & Things

A collection of all the things I made & wrote for Ultraviolet Grasslands, for easy reference.

Click a button instead of rolling four dice.
Nomen omen

Stylish, purple, made in Google Sheets.
A summary of the core and conflict rules from the UVG book.
A fleshed out location from the book to be used as a campaign starting point.
A one-page dungeon set in an abandoned palace deep in the grasslands.
My inspirational pictures board for Ultraviolet Grasslands.
[IT] Una piccola meccanica + tabella per chiedere in giro dicerie sui luoghi visitati.
[EN] A small mechanic + table to ask around rumors about visited locations.

A random table to use when the party asks questions around and you don't know if the asked character knows the answer.
La traduzione in italiano dei termini di UVG.

Traduzione in italiano della mappa di UVG in pdf e jpg.

Le immagini usate nei resoconti della campagna

Resoconti di Campagna // Campaign Logs (in Italian)

Tutti i resoconti della campagna di Ultraviolet Grasslands a cui sto giocando.
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