giovedì 15 settembre 2016

20 Infamous Acts You Did Before Starting Adventuring

Your past is dark, like the actions that obscure it.
Maybe it was not your fault, or your intention to do what you did. But. You. Did.

Now you are living with the shadow of your acts behind you. Always following and never leaving.
Do you despise yourself for your actions? Or do you simply not care or justify yourself because "it was the only thing I could have done"? Or even "the right thing to do"?
Maybe you would repeat it again, given the opportunity.

But what have you done?

Roll a d20 and remember your dark past. And never reveal it to your new companions. They could be not so sympathetic as you may think.

1 You killed your mother. That tiny voice said that if you wouldn't have, you would have never been able to leave home.
2 You used to be part of a satanic or otherwise evil sect or cult. Some obscene rites or action you may have did them yourself.
3 Your father was dying and suffering for a terrible disease. You could have saved him, but instead decided to leave him suffering for all the pain he caused to you.
4 You robbed a bank once, just for fun. You were the only one who left the place alive.
5 The guard who stopped you from robbing that merchant? Was there a reason to cook and eat their entrails?
6 You and your companions did a great job that time. But then you betrayed them, and let them to die.
7 You saved a child once. She was hungry, and you fed her. She was cold, and you warmed her. She was lost, and you showed her the way. She was alone, and you sold her for money.
8 Once, you were married. Then, they were dead. They will never tell you no more what you must or must not do.
9 You killed so many whores, you lost the count. After all, who did really wanted to be a whore? You saved them. After receiving their services, of course.
10 You don't know how many bastard sons you have around the world. You stopped killing them before finishing counting.
11 In your life you broke a lot of hearts. That would be not so uncommon, except every time you fled with all the money.
12 Your mother never bought you a present, so you sold her to buy yourself one.
13 Last time you heard of your so-called best friend, they were in your need. You helped them sink deeper in their problem.
14 Your job was going great, then you started to steal from your employer. Now he has nothing left but his life, and you just slightly more.
15 You came to know a dear friend of yours' secret. You swore not to reveal it. And you did. Now he's in a terrible place, in chains. Death would have been better.
16 At first you stole from your family. Then you stole from your friends. After that you dared to steal from your enemies. Finally, from your country. Now you have nothing but people that want to steal from you.
17 Fights were your daily bread. Blood was your water. Pain was your best friend. Until you fought for the last time. Now, all is gone except old, deathly debts.
18 When you last saw them, they were drowning, and the ship was sinking. Your boat could have hosted them, but then the would have hanged you.
19 Your sister was a fair and pure maiden, loved by everyone who knew her. Now she's fair and pure no more, and the fault is yours. She's still loved by everyone, but they must pay to love her.
20 When were sold you were so young you cannot remember the first time you were whipped. Then you grew up. Then you started whipping yourself. When the revolt have been sedated, you whipped them to the death. Then you fled away.