Wednesday, 26 October 2016

20 Strange things you may find in a public toilet

...or in your best friend's basement or in that creepy abandoned house down the alley or whatever the place you prefer.
But we're talking about strange things, and public toilet is a strange place enough for this.

1 A syringe with a blood stained needle, still full of its content. On the side of the syringe, a first person name is written with a red marker.
2 A mummified cat. It has been recently mummified by someone that did a very good job.
3 A lot of black feathers scattered across the floor. They are so many, they could easily be the whole lot a big bird had.
4 A pair of well-worn good quality shoes. The size of the shoes is strangely very different between each other, though.
5 An orderly pile of newspapers, freshly printed, but with the date and the news of 10 years ago, the same day as today.
6 A powered on desktop computer, connected to a toilet wall socket. It has no monitor, mouse or keyboard.
7 A bible, soaked with water. The pages contain strange symbols and formulas written in latin with a black marker. The holy book must be dried before being able to open it.
8 A plastic bottle of a common water brand filled with a bright red liquid. In the liquid, floating mid-liquid, a pair of glass eyes.
9 A surveillance camera mounted on the ceiling directly over the toilet. It is pointing directly into the toilet hole.
10 An authentic renaissance painting, depicting a bearded man with a large hat looking towards whoever enters the toilet. It has no author sign.
11 A jukebox that starts playing music every time you flush the toilet, or open the water tap. The music is old and awful. There's no way to change or stop the song.
12 An old leather-bound diary. The owner is apparently dead, since his last written words, stained with large drops of blood, are "I'm dying right now." It has no name or signature.
13 A box of old floppy disks. All of them have the phrase "Key Code 24" written on the label. Each of them contains nothing but a text file with a single syllable as the only content.
14 An old wall mounted pay phone that starts ringing after a minute you enter the toilet. If answered, the phone will be silent. It will start ringing again after another minute.
15 A Magic 8 Ball. If shacked, the first answer will be "Right Behind You." Every time the ball is shacked, it will deliver creepy or unsettling answers.
16 A plaque dedicated to a man who died inside the toilet some time ago. There are scratches on the wall keeping track of the days passed since the death. Near these marks, there's a phrase scratched on the wall: "LET ME OUT".
17 A box with big red mushroom-like button on the top attached to the wall. The label says "Warning - Emergency Detachment".
18 An ventriloquist puppet inside a dark battered suitcase. The puppet is in good conditions. Inside its mouth a note with a telephone number has been hid.
19 On the wall a large yellow mold has formed. It is in the shape of a symbol you already saw, but right now you can't remember where. If touched it retracts, as if alive, and releases an hallucinatory dust in the air.
20 There's no door in the inside. The door you entered the first time is not there anymore. The toilet hole is big enough for a man to easily enter, though.

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