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62 Question you will be asked before donating blood

Are you
  1. An undead (zombie, vampire, lich, ghoul)?
  2. A demon (abyssal, infernal, devil, elemental)?
  3. A demihuman (elf, dwarf, halfling, orc)?
  4. A lesser race (goblin, ratmen, lizardmen, hobgoblin)?
  5. A half-blood (orc, elf, halfling)?
  6. A demon-blood?
  7. A cyborg or replicant?
  8. An alien being from another world?
In the past twelve months have you
  1. Had sexual contact with an extraplanar entity?
  2. Had sexual contact with an alien creature?
  3. Had sexual contact with a demon/infernal/abyssal?
  4. Had sexual contact with member of a different species than yours?
  5. Received a blood transfusion in order to acquire the donor's magic powers?
  6. Come into contact with someone else's blood (by duel, battle, wounds, body explosions)?
  7. Come into contact with something else's blood (animal or other non-infected creature)?
  8. Come into contact with blood of a different race than yours?
  9. Come into contact with zombie's or other undead's blood?
  10. Come into contact with demon's/infernal's/abyssal's blood?
  11. Come into contact with alien's blood?
  12. Come into contact with putrefaction fluids (from corpse or undead)?
  13. Lived with a necromancer?
  14. Lived with a vampire as servant or mortal lover?
  15. Had zombie or undead servants?
In the past six months have you
  1. Participated in a blood or sacrificial ritual?
  2. Been the victim in a blood or sacrificial ritual?
  3. Participated a summoning involving blood or flesh?
  4. Participated a black mass involving blood or other fluids?
  5. Participated in a battle or skirmish?
  6. Participated in a duel?
  7. Drank the blood of your enemies from their skulls?
  8. Eat the flesh of your enemies to acquire their powers or strength?
  9. Been partially eaten by cannibals?
  10. Used intravenous drugs to increase your powers or abilities?
  11. Used intravenous drugs to temporary acquire new powers?
  12. Used any other drug (purple lotus, scavenger bone, anagatics, skooma)?
In the past four months have you
  1. Been resurrected?
  2. Received an open wound? If yes, has the wound been healed by magic or surgery?
  3. Been hit by a blood spell?
  4. Been hit by a flesh disintegration spell?
  5. Had a limb separated from your body? If yes, has the limb been reattached by magic or surgery?
  6. Had a magical or runic tattoo?
  7. Had received ritual scars?
  8. Had a transplant in order to increase your powers?
  9. Augmented your body with biotechnology or cyberware implants?
In the past month have you
  1. Drank a curative potion from uncertain origins?
  2. Drank a potion with adverse effects? Which effects?
  3. Drank potions found in dungeons/ruins/abandoned castles?
  4. Been bite by a vampire?
  5. Been bite by a werewolf (or other werebeast)?
  6. Been bite by a zombie or other undeads?
  7. Been bite by a wild animal (wolf, deer, bear, bat, fire turtle)?
  8. Been bite by an exotic animal (alpaca, elephant, ostrich, giraffe, lama)?
Have you EVER
  1. Contracted the Black Plague?
  2. Contracted the Corprus disease?
  3. Contracted the Crimson plague?
  4. Contracted the Lich fever?
  5. Contracted Lupus?
  6. Signed a blood pact?
  7. Dematerialized and consequently rematerialized?
  8. Signed a contract with your blood?
  9. Signed a pact with a demon or devil?
  10. Splitted your soul in two or more pieces?

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