Monday, 11 September 2017

Dismaster FraNe's LotFP Character Sheet

I'll keep this simple: I made a a new character sheet on Google Docs using its spreadsheets.

My favourite sheet is made by +Søren Nøhr Ryborg (you can find it here, and in fillable form here) but I needed one for my Roll20 campaign and it does not support pdf files. Besides, I needed my players to be able to fill them in real time and I found no way to do it online.

And even if the embedded Roll20 LotFP character sheet is well done I wanted something more complete.

Searching around I found a terrific one made in Google Docs by Zachary Zahringer. Bingo!

And now you would ask me: why didn't you used that one?
Well, because I'm picky and I wanted a more compact one. So I made one myself.

I took inspiration from various character sheets scattered around the underdark internet but Zachary's sheet was the main inspiration of course.

The goal was to keep it simple, to keep it compact, to make it stylish, and I think I succeeded enough.
Well, the style's actually by Zachary!

I hope you like it!
And as always, if you have comments or suggestions, please make me know!

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