Monday, 11 February 2019

About Zak Smith

I used to defend Zak Smith when all the shit used to rain on him.
One of the main reasons for this is because it seemed he really cared about the women and the people he knew, especially Mandy.
I thought that his often abrasive behavior got worse after all the attacks he and the girls had to suffer during these years. Of course the more you get attacked, the more you get defensive.

All of these were lies. And I am heartbroken for Mandy and those who suffered because of him.
Zak Smith is a monster, and everyone should know this.

Following is the post Mandy wrote to come forward about her relationship with Zak.
It is a very hard read, please be warned.
She did a very brave thing telling us all of this, and this I am sure will help others to come forward, and to be helped, and to avoid more suffering.
Thank you Mandy.

I want to add a few things:

- This terrible insight does not automatically invalidates the fact that some people he fought with and called out in the past are actually bad and toxic. There is sufficient proof that they are.

- The fact that he is a great artist and designer (IMO, you may think otherwise) does not excuse you from keep buying his stuff and supporting him with money/publicity.
Separating artists from their work is only valid if they do not receive any benefit from it (e.g. dead ones).
Supporting this kind of people is supporting their behavior.
I will NOT do that anymore.
There are lots of great artists and designers out there that are not abusers and rapists.
Go and support them instead.

- ALWAYS call out bad actors. To have our and others' lives and hobbies ruined because of them is not worth it.

That's it. Let's hope not to see something like this anymore.

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