Monday, 11 May 2020

OSE & B/X Character Sheet for online play [eng+ita]

A new character sheet is what we need today!
And this is for Old-School Essentials, the fantastic OSR incarnation of D&D B/X by Gavin Norman (whom I had the pleasure of meeting and playing with in Milan during the presentation of the upcoming Italian edition of OSE).

Old-School Essentials is 100% compatible with D&D B/X (Moldvay-Cook, 1981) with very (very very) few changes, some alternative optional rules (like Ascending AC instead of Descending AC, thank Gygax!) and a complete layout overhaul that makes the original game waaaaaaay more simpler to approach and usable at the table. A fantastic job.

In the Character Sheet file you'll find:
  • Two empty sheets: one in English and one Italian (for my fellow countryfolk)!
  • Two sheets with a pregen (the same one) in both languages.

Lo and behold! The OSE Character Sheet for online play!


† † †

The pregen character is Brother Guillem, Cleric of the One True God, and he's the character I chose when I played with Gavin his Winter's Daughter adventure in Milan (picture below!).
It's weird and maybe telling how fun I have playing religious and zealot characters when I'm myself a convinced atheist, but I'm digressing.

Brother Guillem, Cleric of the One True God
With a dedication by Gavin Norman himself!

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