Friday, 22 April 2016

Adventure seed: Dangerous Lessons

This is a science fiction or cyberpunk adventure seed inspired by my Traveller Skills Training house rule. This adventure can however be effortlessly used in different systems or settings.

The format I used here is typical for Traveller Patrons, people who give quests to the player characters in exchange of benefits, usually money or equipment.
After the adventure introduction there are six possible directions in which the adventure could possibly go. You would typically either choose one or roll 1d6.

The Training software I refer to can be replaced with any software used in Wafer Jacks or neural interfaces.

Joseph Kartad, CEO of LearnTech
Required: Investigate, Computers, Deception, Admin (optional), Intrusion software (recommended)
Reward: Cr. 15.000 and Training software

art by Achimstyle
The government of Hala Eudonia have recently bought from LearnTech, a company focused in Training software, its specialized proprietary software in order to give low budget training lessons to its agents.
However, this software has a dangerous bug: when it is used with a Wafer Jack, that is, exactly how the government would have used it, the microprocessor overloads until it burns down causing serious harm to the user's brain.
A first investigation revealed the bug seem to have been coded on purpose in the software and now the LearnTech and the government want to know who did it and the reasons behind it.

Joseph Kartad, CEO of LearnTech, gets privately in touch with the characters searching for help in the investigations, taking great care to clarify that he is interested in resolving the problem internally without the government knowledge or interference and avoiding a potential scandal.
The characters will be disguised as new LearnTech employees in order to freely investigate inside or outside the company building, to socialize with the employees and to be able to investigate in the computers and in the software code.

Discretion is essential: no one must suspect anything about the internal inquiry, and most of all every discovery will have to be communicated directly to Kartad, and no one else.

The characters should expect to deal with government detectives, who must never know about their inquiries.
Of course, the characters have been hired to solve the crime before the government do, otherwise there will be no reward.

1 The bug has been inserted by a LearnTech developer who came to know the possibility of his firing. His plan was to fake the discovery and resolution of the dangerous bug, in order assure his job position.
2 There is no bug: it is a put-on from the government in order to be able to freely investigate on LearnTech activities. The government thinks LearnTech is a façade for an illegal espionage software developing activity, and through this sham it wants to investigate the company deeper than it is possible otherwise.
3 The bug has been inserted by a rival company hoping to bankrupt LearnTech or at least to drop its reputation, to undertake the next contract from the government. The person who actually inserted the bug is a LearnTech manager who started working for the rival company with the promise of large sums of money.
4 Joseph Kartad inserted the bug himself, trying to blame a rival company by planting false clues in order to obtain the monopoly in the market.
5 The bug was inserted by the Vice-CEO hoping in Kartad's resignation: he should have been CEO instead of Kartad, and it is well time he takes what he rightfully deserves!
6 Kartad's wife is actually behind this: she discovered that his husband has a lover, and now she wants revenge on him.
She hired a hacker to infiltrate LearnTech systems to insert the bug in the software, and the very bug's name is none other that Kartad's lover's!

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