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Evil Christmas Tree for Risus and OSR games

An Evil Christmas Tree is... a Christmas Tree with Christmas ornaments and evil purposes.Remember those beautiful trees you go and  cut to wrap them on lights and glitters and ornaments for the merriest holiday?
Well, those trees are not very merry about it.

As they have been cut from the roots they grew from, now they want to crush you and all your merry feelings to avenge their suffering (and for all those horrible decorations you put on them).
They will not stop unless defeated, or until they have crushed you to pulp.

To follow their vengeful agenda they will stalk you by means of their newly grown roots and try to kill you by stabbing you with their glittery pointy topper you liked so much. If stabbing is not possible, or if surrounded by a merry family of tree-killer humans, Evil Christmas Trees have other means to avenge themselves.
By overloading their coloured lights they can temporarily blind their torturers, and when defenceless they will explode their Christmas ornaments hurling shrapnel in the area to wound and scar their flesh and dreams.

Needles, by MattDixon

OSR games stats

AC 16 (as chain), HD 6, HP 33, MV 40', ML 12 (7 if facing fire)
Every round an Evil Christmas Tree will attack with one of the following attacks:
  • Pointy tree topper: tries to stab you for 1d8 damage.
  • Exploding Christmas ornaments: causes 1d8 damage within 10' (Save vs Breath for half damage)
  • Blinding merry lights: no damage, but a failed Save vs Magic means you are blinded for 2 rounds.
An Evil Christmas Tree suffers half damage from blunt weapons or arrows, double damage from fire.
Using axes or hatchets grants a +2 Attack Bonus.

Go home tree, you're drunk

Risus stats

Evil Christmas Tree with a Pointy Topper (6)
Exploding Christmas Ornaments (4)*
Blinding Merry Lights (4)*
- Characters will roll half dice for the following round (down to 1), but no actual die is lost.

An Evil Christmas Tree suffers little from blunt weapons or projectiles: in combat it can lose a die only if the difference between the opposing rolls is 6 or more.
When attacked with fire, though, it loses one dice more.
Using axes or hatchets grants one dice more when attacking the tree.

*Area Attack as detailed here (

Warning: NSFW picture below!

No wonder he wants to kill you, but for different reasons.
Also, stats and abilities are different.

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