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Bewitched Fetishes

Once, in the ancient times, in the most impervious and secret places in the frozen forests of the Western Lands, the ancestral men of Kragan dwelled.
Their warlocks, feared and respected, created fetishes imbued with magic to amaze their tribe and show its members their power. To the eyes of these ignorant natives these powers were astonishing and unbelievable. But even if we, scholars of the arcane arts, know well that those were nothing but trivial tricks in respect to our art, for those people that was the maximum expression of their rudimental power.
In fact, even with the use of their powers, they could nothing against the men from the south, arrived to ravage and pillage their land and kill their people. The fetishes, then, quickly became nothing but trophies and curiosities. Some were sold to collectors, other were used or studied. Alas, most of them were lost, or scattered through the world.
Every now and then one of these fetishes is found, usually in the strangest and most unexpected places. Between some noble’s collection of antiquities, in the hands of a bandit, in the darkest recesses of dungeons inhabited by goblins, in a sealed old crate found floating in the middle of a lake.

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Sometimes all you want is to make your players’ characters find an interesting magic item that, however, is of no great power or of immediate and predictable use. We are sick of all those rings of protection!

Enter the Bewitched Fetishes!
With this table you can quickly create little magical items with unique effects, sometimes even negative, to be used with creativity and cleverness.

For example, changing your rival’s fantastic stew taste with that of a rotting fish. With some luck, he will vomit all over the rich merchant with whom he was going to sign that contract you wanted to sign yourself!

Effects are usually limited to the Fetish user or to a certain quantity of matter (an object or material) and, to activate a Fetish power, it is necessary to perform a ritual.

To create a Bewitched Fetish roll on the following random tables:

1. Fetish (d66*)
What kind of object the Fetish is?
11Skull of a newborn
13Leather strip
14Small roll of desiccated skin
16Hollow bone full of leaves
21Lizard's tail
22Bag of dust
23Glass eye
24Vial of liquid
25Vial of dust
26Woman's rib
31Desiccated cat's head
32Toad's skeleton
33Wooden stick
34Wizard's ashes
35Bone pendant
36Glass pendant
41Iron pendant
42Lock of hair
43Mummified hand
44Small desiccated heart
45Stuffed songbird
51Iron plate
52Wooden symbol
53Piece of polished glass
54Clay cup
61Pottery fragment
62Bat's wing
64String coil

2. Bewitched Appearance (d66*)
How do the magic imbued in the Fetish shows itself?
11 Painted or engraved arcane symbols
12 Slight iridescence
13 Sparkles in the hot
14 Sparkles in the cold
15 Hot when touched
16 Cold when touched
21 Light electricity shocks when touched
22 Strong electricity shocks when touched
23 Has a magnetic field
24 Has a gravitational field
25 Slightly vibrates
26 Buzzes
31 Produces noise when moved
32 Makes ears ring
33 Provokes light headaches
34 Radiates candle light
35 Does not makes sounds
36 Unusually light
41 Unusually heavy
42 Shines where touched
43 Leaves a luminous trail
44 Does not has a shadow
45 Exhales smoke or steam where touched
46 Emanates an unusual bad smell
51 Emanates an unusual good scent
52 Makes you feel observed
53 Burns the surfaces it touches
54 Freezes the surfaces it touches
55 Levitates of few millimeters
56 Makes you hear unintelligible whispers
61 Calls by name who looks at it
62 Geometric lines of pulsing light
63-66 No particular sign

3. Activation Ritual (d20)
What ritual you must perform to release the Fetish powers?
1Break it or smash it
2Set it on fire
3Immerse it in water
4Swallow it
5Spill it with your own blood
6Press it in your hand
7Throw it in the air
8Pronounce a word
9Pronounce a formula
10Drop it
11Inhale it
12Spill it with salted water
13Wound yourself with it
14Hit yourself with it
15Chew it
16Stare intensely at it
17Have the intention
18Spit over it
19Touch it in certain points
20Roll again and combine the result

Items from Nepal, New Guinea, Africa, Philippines, Timor, Persia, Iran, Ethiopia, Thailand, and Bohemia.
da Becky's Gallery

4. Number of Spells (d8)
How many spells are imbued in the Fetish?
1-5One spell
6-7Two spells
8Three spells

Performing the ritual all the spells imbued in the Fetish will be always and immediately activated. All spell effects last 10 minutes.

5. Activation Distance (d6)
From what distance can you bewitch matter (an object or material)?
1-2In view

5. Spells (1-3d100)
What effect is released when the ritual is performed?
1A knot is untied, no matter how tight it is
2A small object of your choice levitates
3A small quantity of water boils
4A small quantity of water evaporates
5A small quantity of water freezes
6A small quantity of water sublimates
7A small sized object becomes incandescent
8A small sized object is teleported within the user field of vision
9A small sized object liquefies
10All the user's hair fall
11An incredibly tight knot is tied
12A medium sized object levitates at few centimeters from the floor
13An object changes colour
14An object doesn't make any noise
15An object of food changes its taste
16An object of small or medium size becomes slimy and slippery as a soap bar
17An object of small or medium size becomes sticky like glue
18An object of small or medium size becomes very heavy
19An object of small or medium size becomes very light
20An object or food changes its smell
21A small or medium sized object becomes invisible to whoever is beyond 1d4 meters from it
22A small sized object becomes icy cold
23One of the user's five senses is extremely sharpened
24The user appears to the sight as a humanoid mist
25The user call an object of his choice towards him
26The user attracts objects made of a material of his choice
27The user becomes blind
28The user becomes mute
29The user can calm a small or medium sized animal
30The user can carry a single object of medium size as if it had no weight
31The user can cause a creature to become sleepy
32The user can change his body odour at his choice
33The user can change his hair length, quantity and colour
34The user can change his voice
35The user can change the color of a part of his body (hair, eyes, skin etc.)
36The user can create a rubbery fist-sized sphere of light
37The user can find the exact location of the nearest secret passage
38The user can hear noises at great distances
39The user can jump up to 3 meters of height
40The user can levitate for no more than 1d4 meters of height. If he lands, the effect is dispelled
41The user can peacefully call to himself an animal of medium size
42The user can peacefully call to himself an animal of small size
43The user can perceive the vital signs of those around him
44The user can see any recent trace or mark, even if invisible to the eye
45The user can see in the dark
46The user can see through clothes
47The user can shoot webs from his wrists
48The user can taste flavours at a distance
49The user can understand when he's being lied
50The user cannot taste any taste
51The user casts a Spell (randomly determined at the Fetish creation)
52The user causes light shocks when touching something
53The user dies, but resuscitates after 10 minutes with no harm whatsoever
54The user becomes as little as a cat
55The user does not cast a shadow
56The user does not feel any harm
57The user does not feel tired
58The user does not make noises of any kind
59The user does not need to breath
60The user does not need to sleep for 1d6 days
61The user feels a sharp and constant general pain
62The user generates a gravitational field
63The user generates a magnetic field
64The user generates a shockwave that hurls away any object or creature in 1d6 meters without causing any direct harm
65The user generates noises when moving
66The user gets drunk
67The user gets thermal vision
68The user is no longer drunk, or hangover symptoms are erased
69The user is paralised
70The user is sated and quenched for 1d6 days and does not need to eat or drink
71The user knows the exact length of something
72The user leaves a light trail when moving
73The user materialises the image of an medium sized object of his choice in front of himself. The object has no weight or consistency, but it can be manipulated as if it was real
74The user passes out
75The user repels a creature of a species or race of his choice
76The user repels any creature, be it human or not
77The user repels any insect
78The user repels objects made of a material of his choice
79The user sees in black and white
80The user starts convulsing
81The user starts to sneeze without interruption
82The user starts yawning without being able to stop
83The user transforms to a random anthropomorphous creature of the same sex and size
84The user transforms to an anthropomorphous creature of his choice of the same sex and size
85The user's body becomes sticky as glue
86The user's body becomes slimy as a toad
87The user's body burns the surfaces it touches
88The user's body can bend and squeeze itself freely
89The user's body froze the surfaces it touches
90The user's body gets covered by bark
91The user's body gets covered by feathers
92The user's body gets covered by hair
93The user's body gets covered by scales as a snake or a fish
94The user's body glows where touched
95The user's body is surrounded by a light mist
96The user's body starts to glow like a candle
97The user's dominant hand gets swapped
98The user's nails become indestructible claws
99The user's voice has an echo
100The user's hair grow down to his knees

* d66: roll two six-sided dice: the first die is the tens from 10 to 60, the second is the units from 1 to 6


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The initial idea was give to me after the Numenera Cyphers. I found them very interesting given their particularity of having strange and not immediately useful powers. I thought it would be fun to do something similar for a fantasy setting.
Hope you like them!

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